Meet the Scientists of the Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab

Dr. Julie Horvath Headshot
Dr. Julie Horvath

Lab Head

Meet Julie

A comparative evolutionary genomicist interested in understanding the evolutionary forces that have shaped human and non-human primate genomes and connect to health and disease.

Dr. Marianne Barrier
Dr. Marianne Barrier

Lab Manager

Meet Marianne

I want to know how everything works! I also love sharing all of the awesome things I’ve learned to get others excited about science and exploring the world around them every day!

Dr. Heather Evans
Dr. Heather Evans

Conservation Geneticist

Meet Heather

A conservation geneticist for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. She works closely with species biologists in using genetics to identify, track, and manage wildlife populations.

Christina Roche
Christina Roche

Research Associate

Meet Christina

I have fraternal twins and beat the 2X odds of having twins again the second round with the birth of a singleton. Genetics – always a fun surprise!

Dawn Stancil Graduate Student
Dawn Stancil

NC Central University Graduate Student

Meet Dawn

Dawn is inspired by research because she gets to work with organisms that no one can see! She does this by collecting DNA and using the DNA sequence to identify them! Microbes RULE!

Bill Studabaker
Bill Studabaker

Research Volunteer

Meet Bill

Bill has been helping the lab by learning multiple types of data analysis and sharing what he learns with the lab. Most recently, he's been exploring CRISPR elements in bacterial sequences.

Photo of Jaylon Morehead
Jaylon Morehead

Georgetown University

About Jaylon

My motivation for further study is to be challenged with scientific coursework, expand my industry laboratory experience through offered internships, and aid my journey to become a Doctor of Dental Medicine. 

Meagan Maxwell Head Shot
Meagan Maxwell

NC State University Intern

Meagan has been exploring the MG-RAST and PICRUSt2 packages for analyzing data from multiple lab projects.

Patrick Jacobs NCCU Student Intern
Patrick Jacobs

NC Central University Student Researcher

Research Interests
Statistical Analysis
Condensed Matter Physics (Topological and dynamical physics, fluid dynamics, and phase transitions in
condensed matter systems; the relationship between the individual and aggregate properties of objects)

Dr. Bryan Stuart
Dr. Bryan Stuart

Research Curator of Herpetology

Research Interests

Bryan's research interests are in the biodiversity, systematics, biogeography and conservation of amphibians and reptiles, both in North Carolina and abroad.

Past Scientists We Were Fortunate to Have in the Lab

Photo of Barrett Briggs
Barrett Briggs

Wingate University Intern 2020

Photo of Carley McGrady
Carley McGrath

Technician 2020

Photo of Genessis Pichardo Nunez
Genessis Picardo Nunez

NC Central University Intern

Photo of Katie Jenkins
Katie Jenkins

NC State University Intern

About Katie

Research Interests: Evolutionary Genetics, Human Microbiome
Why do you love science?: We are making sense of the unknown

Photo of Kara Carlson
Kara Carlson


Why I love science

Her work at the museum incorporated her research interests including wildlife, conservation, and genetics, but focused mainly on the genetics aspect.

Photo of Dr. Dan Fergus
Dr. Dan Fergus

Molecular Biologist

Why I love science

I enjoy solving problems and trying to better understand the natural world.

More to come...